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Horizon Product Part Numbering Series
□□□□□□□□.□□□ MHz-Parameters Data
■■\HE for Horizon Electronics Enterprises Group
□□■■\HE code for
X for Quartz Crystals
RC for Ceramic Resonator
OC for Oscillators
VC for Voltage Control Crystals
TC for Temperature Compensated Control Crystals
FC for Filters
□□□□■■\HE code for
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Product Contents

Resonators Oscillators Filters

Crystals Resonators

   Conventional Crystal

   Surface Mount Crystals

   Cylindrical Crystals

   Tuning Fork Surface    Mount Crystals

Ceramic Resonators

Clock Crystals Oscillators
Surface Mount Clock Crystals Oscillators
Voltage Controlled Crystals Oscillators
Surface Mount Voltage Controlled Crystals Oscillators
Temperature Compensated Crystals
Surface Mount Temperature Controlled Crystals Oscillators
Monolithic Crystal Filters
Surface Mount Ceramic Filters


Products of special specifications
Horizon products are not limited to all specifications described in the catalog. Custom  specifications Are available upon contact. We tailor our crystals to meet your needs. Upon your request, our engineer team will gladly assist you with best solution possible.

Product delivery capacity
Horizon Product line covers crystal products of almost all leaded and surface mounted
package. It boasts of large in-house blank cutting, lapping, beveling capacity, of millions of commonly sold frequency blanks in stock, which enables to give its customers an express manufacturing only with 1-2 weeks for faster delivery and standard delivery only 4 weeks.

Horizon Service: Technical Support, Problem Analysis & Corrective Action-24 Hrs ,Initial
Response and 15 Days Final Closure.
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